Hi, I’m Dr. Lana Kontos!


Who am I?

Hi Gorgeous,

I’m thrilled you’re here. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful journey for you and this little- known information, support and our community changes you in ways you never imagined. Don’t sell it or yourself short. I’d love for you to get to know me a bit. And in the end this is really all about you.

Today I practice what I call Evidence- Based, Elegant, Intelligent, Wellness… because I’ve learned after years of school and years of working with private patients that to achieve real wellness, overall great health; it’s more than food and more than trying to get skinny.

It’s about teaching people accurate, science-based information so that they can be a well informed consumer of health care and so that they can take control of their health and live a long life full of energy, physical and cognitive function. People want to be  happy, achieve their dreams, seriously feel good and look amazing at every age.

It’s about confidence, being respected and “being in the know.” And women are searching.

If you told me 30 years ago when I first started college that I’d be helping
busy people easily drop weight and keep it off, reverse their acid reflux (GERD,) type 2 diabetes and terminal, chronic cardiovascular disease, along with teaching busy women how to increase their energy, avoid PMS and sail through menopause without symptoms I would have said you’re crazy.

I’ve helped clients for years now and I know this, they want their doctor to listen to them and to be honest.


People are savvy today, they know there’s a better way to achieve optimal health. I’ve found they just want to know you’re qualified and you can help them- and if you can’t help them, they want to know that too.

The truth, I didn’t always have the fabulous health I enjoy today. My health suffered greatly in my 20’s.  I was that busy corporate woman who needed her acid reflux and sinusitis reversed however I had no idea that was possible and neither did the medical doctors I saw for years. I rotated prescriptions just so I could work. I was always exhausted and every 8 to 12 weeks I’d end up sick in bed.

At 18 in undergraduate study my nutrition professor, a brilliant woman, was morbidly obese, complained of knee and back pain and was often very ill. I thought this makes no sense, she has a doctorate in nutrition! It was right then I knew something in the system was awry.  I was still so interested in nutrition and health but so disillusioned with my “formal” education.

I started my quest. I quickly discovered what I ate was directly related to how I felt. I had to know more about food. What I put on my plate mattered. I had no mentor at that University but I was going to figure it out.

And over the last 30 years in and out of school and many classes later I did find the answers to a life full of energy and free of illness.

It was however the six years of diet and lifestyle medicine school with medical doctors who taught evidence-based diet and lifestyle protocols where I was properly trained to help my patients truly achieve optimal health. My own health improved greatly as well.

When my brother Todd was diagnosed with very aggressive brain cancer at 39 with a wife and young children, our entire family’s world came to a painful halt. My parents had to live through this nightmare too. It still makes me shiver. I immersed myself in cancer research day and night. It was then when I discovered an incredibly strong link between diet and disease. It was life- altering for me. I met one of the foremost cancer experts in the world and began to refer all my cancer patients and we worked together to help them. That education alone was a gift from God.


I promised my brother and myself I’d be a role model for my daughter and his children and do the right thing for people even though the concept of nutrition playing a major role in disease prevention wasn’t popular, to say the least.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it then, but I knew in my soul I had to get all of this accurate, evidence- based health information about diet to the masses in a simple way. Patients were told so much misinformation from well- meaning doctors about how to eat to stay healthy it was hard to watch and people were getting sick because of it. My brother was the victim of a broken system and I was a victim to a broken system and that for me was the last straw.

I spent years helping people who were overweight and those diagnosed with chronic diseases get incredible results. The weight melted off my patients and their symptoms would in most cases completely disappear. I was trained by the best medical doctors and scientists in the nation and I loved watching patients get well.

I loved my work but was gravitating towards a specific client- that busy woman, that smart Mom who was juggling it all. Why? Because I was her. I understood her and she knew it.

I too at one time had a stressful corporate career, traveled from coast to coast, meeting to meeting, then worked from home and now I was a Mother too and that brought a whole new meaning to staying healthy.

These Mothers were savvy, smart and successful. I loved helping these women in my private practice; they got results- their energy increased, their symptoms disappeared and they felt great. Some of them have become my friends. I’m grateful.

I was helping hundreds and hundreds of people get healthy, I was keeping my promise to my brother, being a role model for my little girl and I was so busy but something was missing and I could not put my finger on it.

I couldn’t  explain the restless feeling I had, it was strange. I felt so grateful and satisfied at the end of the day, I knew I was doing good in the world but I somehow knew this was not all there was to do and this was not how I was supposed to practice or share my knowledge.

That voice in the back of my head that told me to find a way to help more people at once when I was losing my brother never left.

Then one day I got a call from a Mom, not any Mother, a Mom who had a child with cancer. Everything changed that day but I didn’t realize it for years if that makes sense. This was a ten year old girl, my daughter was ten at the time. It secretly haunted me. I was amazed at how this bright, young child answered my questions; she was wise beyond her years and the strength of her character was hard to put into words. I remember sending her Christmas gifts that year and telling my daughter about her without using her name of course. She did very well. I didn’t talk about it but I thought about her all the time.

And she was not the only pediatric cancer patient I would counsel. After I got off the phone with a four year old patient’s Mother I knew  I needed to teach thousands and thousands of Mothers how to keep themselves  and their children healthy. I was blessed to know far too much not to share it with the masses.

I knew deep in my soul I had to start to work differently, but how? Doctors traditionally see patient after patient in their office right? And, It takes a lot of time and a lot of money to work privately with doctors trained like me. Insurance doesn’t pay for it. Why teach people how to be in charge of their own health right? Sorry, I was being facetious. I had to do this in a non- traditional but very effective way. I couldn’t take on that many private cases at once so how do I help them without taking on each case personally?

There is a plethora of misinformation about health in all forms of the media and even in schools. It’s everywhere. Who can decipher it? I was well- trained and I needed to distill accurate health information for these women because frankly, it really is about life and death.

On a happy note I knew too that women, Moms, wanted to look good, feel sexy, have flat bellies and keep their stress to a minimum too. So I could accomplish it all by teaching them the right health information and evidence – based diet and lifestyle steps that these savvy ladies could easily fit into their busy lives.

The same week I saw that ten year old cancer patient in my office three, not one, but three women asked me if I ever thought of teaching women in large groups because I had helped them so much with their health and the health of their spouses and children.

I knew it was a sign from my brother. So after a lot of things coming together and some years later… here we are, you and me. One Mom to another and I now have your answer. I can teach you how to keep you and your family as healthy as possible and how  you can reduce your stress and look and feel your best too.

It’s called Savvy Healthy Moms; an exclusive yet affordable, savvy yet simple members only community on Face Book where you can have private access to accurate health information each and every month along with me as your mentor for a fraction of what it would cost to work with me privately.


It’s all the science -based secrets for keeping your weight in check without dieting and avoiding that belly fat, stressed stomach, stones, constipation and even blood sugar issues. There is everything from information about infant health to how to get your teens to eat better to how to protect yourself from diseases. It’s women’s and children’s health just as you need it as you can ask me to teach you about specific subjects if you like. That has been priceless for my private patients, that access and support; it’s magic.

Please understand there’s so much that you don’t know. I mean trust me, you don’t know what you don’t know about how to stay healthy and it’s not your fault.

Well- meaning health care professionals get poor or no nutrition training at all in medical schools and 85% of our chronic illnesses are a result of diet! Is this not insane?

You know from my transparency when I was getting my doctorate that alternative docs are taught to treat patients with a constant barrage of vitamins and supplements! They’re well- meaning too but this doesn’t work, our system is still broke.

The war on cancer started in the 1970’s by President Nixon has been a miserable failure! Our babies now are born with the beginning stages of heart disease because loving Mothers are not accurately taught how to eat before and during their pregnancies!

And the conflicts of interest between food industry, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies are a huge problem.

I’m not against medical doctors, surgery or vitamins at all, my word there is certainly a time and a place. Our acute care system is the best in the world. But my friend we’re not taught how to eat and it’s frankly killing us and worse, our children!

Listen, I’m not perfect, I enjoy life and love food so know this program is not about perfection. However I do have a stellar education and years of experience in practice. Every day is an adventure, we’re going to have some fun. Life should be an enjoyable ride and we need to learn how to handle the joy and the pain and keep our health along the way.

And you do not have to be a vegan or starve. This is so not a diet! Just know we’re in it together and you have my solemn word you will…you will get the right information about food and how to protect yourself and your family and that’s powerful.

Now you know I’ve been where you are, trying to balance your over achieving personality, your dreams and goals with everything else in your world and all while still trying to look and feel fabulous… and protect your family’s health too.

Whew. Grab my hand gorgeous and let’s do this together, I’ve already done it. This is a done for you system because I know you’re juggling the rest, let me take this piece off your plate.

You’re brilliant, you surround yourself with experts where it the diet and lifestyle expert? The one is who properly trained for years? The female doctor, the one with experience, the one with a done for you proven plan?

I mean Tom Brady didn’t win five super bowls without a professional coach, billionaires all have or had mentors if you read about them and you need a good family physician, dentist and OB/ GYN for sure (I can teach you about how to work with them too because you’ve got to learn the right questions to ask; your health depends on it.)

So where’s that experienced diet and lifestyle practitioner? The doctor who can teach you how to not only look fabulous in your clothes, turn heads and feel great but how to protect your brain, bones, belly and your heart because if your health goes gorgeous your show is over, their show is over…plus have access to simple ways to have the energy to go leave your legacy?

And she gets you to boot. 🙂

I’ve got a rare education; in Diet and Lifestyle Medicine that’s based on science.

I’ve helped so many patients for years;  it’s been a blessing to watch lives change. 

And I get it, I get you, I’m a Mom with dreams too.

Join us and become a Savvy Healthy Mom, we’ll show you how…

Leave your legacy,


A Personal Note from Dr. Lana

Thank you for taking the time to explore the possibility of joining my community at Savvy Healthy Moms. My life’s work and sincere passion is helping women like you create a disease-free life full of health, energy and abundance through an education about excellent dietary choices and lifestyle habits.

I am a  Mother, Wife, Health Care Professional and Business Owner like so many women and I understand how it feels to juggle and balance our energy, health and day to day life.

I believe a Science- Based, Trained and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner is not a luxury but a necessity. In fact, it could be a life-saving decision.

People are under more stress than ever, facing ongoing personal and professional pressures, and deserve to learn more about how to recognize stress and take action to diminish its harmful and lasting effects on our bodies.

It is my hope that the knowledge you will gain from working with me and our community will inspire you to live healthier and to share my work with other Moms so they and their families can live in optimum health as well.

The time to invest in your health is now. Health can mean mental health, spiritual health or physical health. I am describing health as a pain- free, disease -free life, full of vitality and longevity!

I am starting a coalition of Mothers and friends who will join me in our community in helping one person at a time to live a long and healthy life! The United States ranks 38th in health behind Cuba! We’re in trouble, our system is broke. We need savvy women like you to take control of your health and your family’s health in Savvy Healthy Moms. There’s nothing like the power and the passion of a group of Mothers making smart choices for themselves and their children.

It can be time consuming to sift through the plethora of books, fad diets, and articles out there about food and health. It also makes researching solutions confusing. Taking this overwhelming task into account, I have made it my primary purpose to distill the boundless amount of information available into easy to understand and actionable principles that can be implemented into your life with minimal difficulty. It is simple, I promise.

You deserve to learn about wellness and nutrition from someone who is thoroughly educated in the field and can provide you with evidence- based information in a results-oriented, convenient way for you and your family.

I have truly been blessed to learn directly from some of the foremost doctors and scientists in the field of health and nutrition.

You deserve to have a wellness mentor who has years of personal and successful experience with the approaches that work and those that are based on science, not fads.

I was always taught with knowledge comes responsibility. Let me show you the way.

My solemn promise to you is that through this private community you can learn how to absolutely improve your health, boost your energy and create positive shifts in your life in ways you never imagined and protect your family too. The positive energy and support will be boundless.

I know you’ve got dream and goals, you love nice things, you appreciate your girlfriends, you remember the very moment they put that baby in your arms like it was yesterday and you’ve got a legacy to leave. Join us, you deserve it and so does your family.

​Let me help you leave your legacy by keeping your health at the highest level.

To your extraordinary life-


Dr. Lana M. Kontos' Credentials

Dr. Lana M. Kontos

  • Author of Better Than Skinny: The Four Step Food Formula
  • ​Founder of the private, affordable online community Savvy Healthy Moms​
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor who educates individuals and groups in a private online community how to restore optimum health with science- based diet and lifestyle choices
  • Trained and Certified Diet and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner who teaches how to prevent and in many cases, as the research shows, how to reverse chronic conditions such as; Cardiovascular Disease, GERD (Acid Reflux), High Cholesterol, IBS, Menopause and PMS Symptoms, Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Issues with evidence- based programs.
  • Trained by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. M.D., the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, Dr. Esselstyn was a surgeon for over 30 years at the Cleveland Clinic and developed the program to reverse heart disease.
  • Instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Nutrition Program, Wash D. C.
  • Certified in Plant- Based Nutrition the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • ​Certified Nutritional Trainer for Dr. John McDougall, M.D., the Starch Solution Program, Santa Rosa, CA
  • ​Certified Food over Medicine Instructor, Wellness Forum Institute of Health Studies, Columbus, Ohio
  • Certified Women’s Health Instructor, Wellness Forum Institute of Health Studies, Columbus, Ohio
  • Founder and CEO of Inspired by Wellness, L.L.C.
  • Dr. Lana Kontos is a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a trained professional speaker.

Dr. Lana Kontos does not make health claims and is not a medical doctor or dietician, does not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, diagnose disease or treat conditions. Dr. Kontos’ consultations or any of her materials or programs are not a substitute for your primary care physician(s.). This information is strictly for educational purposes. If you participate or consume any material or information from Inspired by Wellness, LLC or Dr. Lana Kontos you agree to release Dr. Kontos or Inspired by Wellness LLC from any and all liability.