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I've known Dr. Lana for years now and after dropping four dress sizes, yes four, stopping my acid reflux, anxiety meds, hot flashes and menopause issues in her program, I'm hooked. I'm still here because I've kept my weight off for years. I've stayed connected that was my secret. I learn something new every time she teaches or shares. I joined this private community the second she told me about it! Don't wait, I mean it's pennies a day. I could not have done it without her support. Join us

Susan DeLeo

I met Lana years ago and watched along the sidelines as she helped so many patients lose weight and improve their health for nearly a decade, I recently decided to get into her community and it's seriously changing my life. I'm a college professor so I really appreciate that I'm learning science- based information about how to protect my health and the health of my family! I'm so thrilled to be a member of Savvy Healthy Moms and I can't tell you what you'll learn, it's information you won't find in a traditional doctor's office that is certain. I always joke with her and tell her that she doesn't look 52 and now I know why! I look forward to trying new recipes, learning more and getting the support each week from Dr. Lana and the community on my life- long journey! You can't do this alone, trust me, what are you waiting for?

Lauren Houser
College Professor, Akron, Ohio

I met Dr. Lana and I could see she not only knew what she was talking about she also had a deep passion for helping others regain their health. So, I immediately began to work with her. I took the nutritional program to heart and started my journey with her. I only started two of the simple steps and I began to feel more energetic in days and my acid reflux began to diminish! I started to sleep better at night. The joint pain in my hips and legs began to improve and I lost five points in my Body Mass Index. I eventually eliminated my prescription of Nexium that I was taking for my acid reflux because it was completely gone after several months! I was thrilled. I am most excited about the fact that I no longer take my cancer medication as I am a two time breast cancer survivor. I talked with my Doctor and explained that I wanted to stop all my cancer meds and he told me that it was my choice. My health has improved so dramatically because of the programs that Dr. Lana teaches that I have not taken a cancer pill in months! Praise God! Lana has since become a wonderful friend and I am so happy with my health I want to share the good news with everyone! Oh, I almost forgot my cholesterol dropped 30 points. I could not get those numbers to budge and I refused to take more medicine as I was already on enough at the time! What a blessing this has all been in my life.

Peg Rodway
Youngstown, Ohio

Today, I feel incredible, but that was not always the case. My name is Nick Macrinos, I dropped without warning January 20, 2008 with a 3" by 5" brain tumor. I had 47 grand-maul seizures and I woke up 3 days later on Wednesday afternoon. I've been through 37 radiation treatments, 6 different surgeries and 9 months of chemotherapy. I spent 14 months since that time researching how to fight cancer other than medicine alone. I began to make some changes in my life. I met Dr. Lana and we soon became great friends. We began to work together and she shared with me perhaps one of the most important and significant elements to maintaining your health and fighting disease. It literally changed everything for me! I tell people that God and these simple steps saved me! Another amazing piece in all of this is my blood counts remained normal the entire time I was on chemotherapy and I did not lose my hair. Both of these scenarios are rare for any patient on chemo. Lana consistently provided me with updated information. I feel great! My system is balanced and I'm more energetic. I am also now at my optimum weight. More important than that, I can share this story with other people fighting this terrible disease and give them a chance to fight. I trust Lana and I will continue to work with her. I will always be grateful to her for sharing a few simple pieces of information that literally changed my life. Do not wait until you have a tragedy in your life. What a wakeup call this was for me, my wife and two children. I highly recommend getting in her private community now, my wife has gotten healthier too as a result of my new awareness of how to eat to be healthy. I would work with Dr. Lana right away in order to prevent anything like this from happening to you or to someone you love. Her private community is an easy and affordable way to do it

Nick Macrinos
National Sales Manager, Warren, Ohio

Fasten your seat belts for this dynamic woman who literally eats, sleeps and drinks wellness! Lana is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness educators of our time. She is beautiful on the inside and out and speaks with purpose and conviction. Her dynamic speaking style and elegant presence captivates her audiences and personal clients and moves them to action. She will show you step-by-step how to bring positive, life changing enhancements to your life. Her life is an inspiration to me and many others. Do not miss an opportunity to be inspired by wellness and Dr. Lana Kontos.

Angela Brown
CEO Empowering Actions

I hired Lana to work with me personally for over a year and a half. She taught me things I never heard in a doctor’s office. I've also had the pleasure of hearing her speak professionally many times. Her expertise and enthusiasm is a very special combination. She has information that few people are aware of and it very well may save your life. I have thousands of people in my organization. I have watched her inspire many individuals to take massive action. Get in her community as fast as you can

Blair Billings
Sr National Executive Sales Director, TN

It is obvious to the listener that Lana is a woman who is well educated, which comes across during her presentation. Her authenticity along with her commitment to helping people live and be well is very moving. I highly suggest you join her community. I'm blessed she entered my life

Kimberly Boucher
President Clear Vision Coaching, MA


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